Mutually drinking hot brown liquid at a place that serves cranberry scones does not mean he wants to get back together with you.

That depends entirely what you want out of the situation.

If your relationship ended badly and you never want to see his face/dick combo again, obviously don’t go. On the other hand, if you’ve been wanting to rekindle some romance/sex flame with him, or if you still have some lingering things you want to say to him, then this is the universe throwing an opportunity in your face.

However, he's still confronting you with an uncertain situation with this whole "let's get coffee" song and dance, so it's up to you to take control and manipulate the interaction to work for, not against you. You can do this by coming to the coffee date prepared, knowing exactly what you want out of the interaction regardless of what his intentions are.

Don’t let him pussy foot (unless you guys are into that kind of thing) around and pretend like he just wanted to “catch up.” We both know that’s bull poopy. Get straight to the point with your needs and how you feel. Then, when you’re done talking, get to the bottom of his motives right off the bat. Cutting the shit will make this interaction much more efficient and beneficial for both of you, and you’ll instantly see whether your intentions align.

If they do, then great! Fuck the night away. If they don’t, then meeting him pretty much solidifies why you broke up and that you shouldn’t go down that path. You could end up leaving as platonic friends too … and that's cool if that's what you really want.

Your motives can be anything; friendship, sex, an apology/closure session, whatever. They just have to align or one if you is going to get hurt.

But before you make these decisions, realize a coffee date does not equate fucking … unless of course you both get caramel mocha lattes, then it’s ON.

Don't presume he has any particular motive of his own or you'll end up let down by your own expectations. He could be asking you to coffee to tell you he has an STD or he wants to come clean about something that happened during your relationship. Maybe he feels guilty for hurting you and this is his way of making sure you’re cool so he can stop feeling bad. Maybe he’s lonely and no one else if fucking him right now and you’re an easy target. Or maybe he genuinely misses you. There’s no way of knowing, so go into it with no expectations and a sense of what you want out of it.

You’ll definitely get a free coffee out if it though, so there’s that …