What's his name? Give me his address. In the meantime, here's what to say to someone who's undergone that sort of verbal assault

Jesus Christ on a stick, that is awful. Fuck that guy forever.

As you help her recover and rebuild confidence, focus not on what the “right thing to say” is, but instead, on being there for her and truly listening to what she has to say. Right now, she needs validation, empathy and a really good listener.

There are no magic words you can make with your mouth that’ll miraculously help her overcome the trauma of hearing that, but there are a few universal truths about her situation you can bring up.

First of all, her boyfriend’s statement does nothing but out him as someone with unmanageable insecurities. When somebody exacts body shaming like this on another person, it’s because they’re deeply uncomfortable with themselves, not because that person’s body part caused an actual problem. Research body shaming for two seconds and you’ll find it’s him, not her, who has something to be ashamed of.

Being with someone based on the size of their body parts also does not constitute a real, healthy relationship. If he doesn’t want to be with her simply because she’s curvy, then really — why would she want to be with him anyway? Why would anyone want a partner who thinks true connection can be measured with a Home Depot tool? Should I date you because your knee is 27 centimeters from your hip? Should we fuck because your eyes are green? Are tiny labias true love? No, no, no.

Many, many men would die to get their hands on a body type like your friend’s and there’s no shortage of Y-chromosome love for the voluptous. However, while she realizes that for herself, it wouldn’t hurt to compliment her when necessary, rally her social network around her, and help her accomplish whatever short or long term goals she has so that she knows she has worth far beyond the proportions of her body.

And for fuck’s sake, someone get a ruler and measure her boyfriend’s asshole. Bet you can see it from space.