First of all, brah, only 25 percent of women can come from vaginal intercouse, so it’s completely normal if she’s not getting there when you fuck her. It has nothing to do with how good it feels for her, or how skilled you are at sex … it’s just that the vagina has a remarkably small amount of nerve endings (childbirth) and female pleasure often doesn’t mimic the climactic arc of the male orgasm.

But, I like that you’re trying to change that for your girlfriend, and I think weed is a pretty not-bad way to do that.

However … there are some things to consider. First, as you know, weed will affect everyone differently depending on their own biochemistry and the strain they’re smoking, so there’s really no way of telling whether whatever you load into a volcano bong will help your girlfriend orgasm.

For some women, weed works as a relaxant and vasodilator, soothing them into a warm, fuzzy, hypersensitive state in which it’s easier to forget the stress of daily life and focus on pleasure. For others, it’s a stimulant and vasoconstrictor, which can make them anxious, dry up their mouths and pussies, and kill their libido. Yet others still will experience absolutely no effect on their reproductive system at all. You just don’t know … until you try! Which is why, no, it’s not a dick move that you recommend she smoke some before you guys fuck.

It’s a way of communicating your concern for her pleasure, and gives off the impression that you want her to enjoy the experience as much as you do.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. What’s important is that you two explore ways to optimize her pleasure together, and weed is a nice safe way to do that. It would be another story if she was morally against weed or has a history of terrible reactions to it, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t be asking me this question if that was the case.  

However … however! There are certain products like Foria’s weed lube that have completely changed the lives of non-orgasmic women in states where it’s legal to slather your vagina with THC. Anyone with a Google and fingers won’t have too hard a time finding hundreds of glowing internet reviews describing women who’ve never been able to orgasm from sex until they tried it, so it might be worth looking into.

Plus, Foria is an actual sex product, which means it’s much easier to recommend and incorporate into your sex life than say, suggesting your girlfriend get high on a semi-illicit drug? Just sayin’.