at you don’t want her to move in, or she will. But say it nice, like “I really love you and I want to stay with you for a while but I don’t want to rush things.” Then make up some stories about friends you’ve had who moved in together too early and ended up breaking up because they didn’t know each other well enough to deal with it. Say they spent too much time together too fast, and it worries you that the same thing will happen to you. If you talk about your future together (guys, listen to this shit) then girls will generally overlook whatever shitty thing you’re doing and believe you’re doing it for a good reason. For example, if you talk to her about how you want to make sure you know each other well enough to live together before you move in because you want to be with her for a while, she’ll focus on the “for a while” part. But fuck, if you’ve been together for a few years or something and you still don’t want her to live with you, then that’s a pretty glaringly obvious sign that your relationship doesn’t have a whole lot of future-potential. Maybe just set up a nice nest for her in the living room.