Only if you don't want an American Apparel team leader named Siobhan who "loves dogs!" to co-parent your children.

No more unreasonable than Walmart or the proctologist or a fish taco stand in Baja, Mexico. When it comes to finding the person you want to donate 23 chromosomes to, there is no unreasonable place.

After all, you can't control where you find love. Instead, love kind of finds you. In fact, sometimes it internet stalks you for months before sending you an imposing picture of its flaccid penis on Instagram DMs.

Place is very, very unimportant when it comes to looking for love because you can't always judge a person by the place they're in. For example, you might meet the perfect person at a seedy sex club while drunk on Fireball. Are you going to discount them because you met them in a stereotypically sketchy place? Nope. After all, you're there too.

Back to you. Tinder is most definitely a place, and therefore it is unimportant when it comes to finding a person to live out your big happy family fantasy with.

Luckily for you, I know three separate couples that met on Tinder and are happily hurtling down the rabbit hole to Kids and Marriage World™. After all, not everyone you swipe past is just looking to come over in their pickup truck then wordlessly fuck you before resuming the tedium of their life. Some people are people like you; people with life goals and a biological alarm clock that won't shut up.

That being said, different apps do have different personalities. Some cater to certain needs better than others. That's not to say that a relationship scenario that's atypical of that app's reputation can't happen (it does all the time), but certain apps have certain reputations for a reason.

For example, Tinder. Tinder is the hookup app, obviously. It works great when you want to fuck a bartender named Cheyenne who just finished law school and loves her dog, or for when you want to get eaten out by a dude named Eric whose dad is an entertainment lawyer so he can afford to give river rafting tours between ayahuasca trips.

In fact, Tinder's reputation is such that I think a lot of people feel entitled to automatic sex with the people they meet on it. Their Neanderthal reasoning being, If you don't want to fuck, why are you on Tinder? No one is entitled to sex anywhere at any time, but given that Tinder has become a sort of bathroom sport; a thing for your thumbs to do while you excrete, I can see how people would treat the people they meet up with with the same brevity and brusqueness they do when scrolling through it.

However, like I said: people find love on Tinder all the time … less than they find broken condoms in their bed, but still, it happens.

If you like Tinder, stay on it. I actually know a single guy who is DYING to have children, states it in his profile, and only meets up with women who comment on that part of his bio. Find him.

OkCupid tends to be more relationship-y because of the matching metrics it runs on you when you sign up. You're matched with people based on compatibility and mutual interests, and you can explicitly state what kind of relationship you're looking for. From what I've seen, it tends to lead to less one-night-stands and more dates that turn into one-night-stands. It tends to be frequented more by people who're burnt out on Tinder's sex-first mentality than by people who just want to ghost you. Are there people who will happily sneak out of your bed at 4 a.m. leaving behind only a business card on OkCupid? Yes. But those people are everywhere, not just on OkCupid. And there tend to be more people willing to at least stick around to see whether your breakfast sandwiches are as legendary as you claim.

Bumble splits the difference between Tinder and OkCupid. Because connections are facilitated by women who typically are looking for more than just random sex, Bumble has created many a relationship. However, it's also got a reputation for being a place where busy, motivated women can hit on and fuck whoever they want without strings attached; they just chose it over Tinder because it allows them to sort through the human detritus with more control.

There are tons of other apps (most of which seem to hate vowels); Happn, 3ndr, Grindr, Jack'd, Her, Coffee Meets Bagel … blah blah blah. I'd encourage you to sign up for all of them and see which one you like the best. Focus your attention on app that's most likely to meet your needs. If I were you, I'd OkCupid more than I'd Tinder.

Do you have an OkCupid profile?

You should make one.

Don't be shy about stating what you're looking for; without that kind of deal-breaking information laid out on the table early on, you're liable to waste your time with people who aren't quite as sure about what they want as you are. It's great that you know what you want, and I'd encourage you to look for someone with the same motivations … even if you have to scroll through 35,000 pictures of people posing like Captain Morgan on mountain tops to find them.