Ha! No. But there are a few important things to know about period sex. First, every girl has a different experience with Mother Nature’s gift (cannot believe I just said that, someone slap me). Whereas some girls feel insecure and gross about having sex on their period, others don’t give a shit. Some girls are super crampy and ferociously angry, others get really sleepy, some feel fine. So if your girlfriend is feeling up to it, and isn’t insecure about it, then do the damn thing. If she feels weird, then get her some chocolate and some wine and tell her she’s pretty for 15 minutes straight, then leave. Okay next: The first few days of period sex are the messiest because she’ll have a heavier flow then. So if you’re not looking to dye the sheets red, have sex in the shower, wait a day or so, or just make her give you head. Or do it, doesn’t matter to me. Lastly, there are certain positions that are good for this, others that are bad. Good= missionary. Bad= girl on top, standing up (if you’re in the shower it’s fine). You can make the connection on your own there, I have to go now.