What you need:
A quarter
3+ people

How to play:
Participants have a can or bottle of beer in front of them and players take turns spinning a quarter. Whoever spins the quarter calls out the name of one of the players—everyone except for the person whose name has been called covers their beer with no more than two fingers. The chosen person then attempts to flick the quarter and hit the opponent’s beer. If the beer is hit, everyone takes their beer off the table. The person who hit the beer spins the quarter, during the duration of spin the person whose beer was hit must chug their beer (during this, any player can attempt to keep the quarter spinning).
If the drinker finishes his/her beer whilst the quarter is spinning then can enact “instant revenge” by slamming their empty beer can on the quarter. Whoever last touched the quarter must then drink in the same quarter spinning fashion. If one hits more than one beer in one flick, they are then “on fire.” When one is on fire they can hit the quarter whenever they please even if their name isn’t called. This continues until the on-fire person misses a shot.

1. You have only three tries to get the quarter spinning on your turn; if you fail to do this your beer goes in the penalty box (center of the table) for one turn, during that turn you cannot block your beer with your fingers.
2. In order to successfully enact Instant Revenge your beer must be empty (anyone can challenge the emptiness by shaking the can or bottle) and must land on top of the spinning quarter.