What you need:
Two cups

How to play:
The game is played with two teams. Each team has a full cup of beer places about 15 steps in front of them and every player has a quarter. The team lines up in a straight line and the first person in the line places their quarter in between their butt cheeks. They hold the quarter in place by squeezing their butt cheeks together and then proceed to walk to their beer cup. If they drop their quarter along the way, they have to pick it up and continue. Once they have made it to the cup, they must drop the quarter in the cup and run back to their line for the next person to go. If they miss the cup, they have to take their quarter back to the end of the ling with them for another try. This continues until one team has gotten all their quarters into their cup. The losing team must drink the winning team’s cup full of butt quarters.