What you need:
4+ players
1-2 ping pong balls
Lots of beer

How to play:
The objective is to hit the opposing teams’ beers to ensure that your team guzzles two beers before your challengers. Four players stand in teams of two on opposite sides of a ping pong table. Each player places a full, unopened beer on the corner in front of him. One team holds a ping pong ball, which will be used to throw at the opponent’s beer. Players take turns throwing the ball and chasing the deflected ball. If a player hits an opponent’s beer can, the person who threw the ball cracks the beer and begins chugging until the opponents have recovered the ball, touched it to the table and yelled, “Stop.”
In this way, the defense (or team without the ball) is responsible for returning the ball to the table and yelling, “stop” as quickly as possible. The offense (or the team throwing the ball)  is responsible for drinking as much as possible before the other team yells, “stop.”
Finished cans must be removed from the table immediately after the opponent agrees each can is empty. Take turns throwing the ping pong balls and chugging beers until one team has finished both beers. The team who finishes their beer first wins.