What you need:
3+ people
1 deck of cards

How to play:
Everyone sits at a table as the deck is dealt out completely among them. Players do not look at their cards; they place them in a neat stack, face down, in front of them. Everyone must place both hands on the table and not move them until it is their turn to play or a face card is drawn.
The game starts with the person to the right of the dealer grabbing the top card from their stack, flipping it face up and placing it in the middle of the table. (The player cannot flip the card up facing them or it is considered cheating because they get the first look before everyone else.) If the card ends up being a number card, nothing happens and play passes to the next person to the right. The hands come into play if a face card is drawn. If a Jack is drawn, everyone must place both hands on their thighs. If a Queen is drawn, everyone must cross their arms across their chest while touching their shoulders. If a King is drawn, everyone places the palm of one of their hands on their forehead. Finally, if an Ace is drawn, everyone raises one hand above their head.
The last player to complete the movement takes a drink, and collects all the cards that have piled up since the last face card was drawn. In order to win the game, each player must completely get rid of their cards. However, they continue to be in the game until the next person after them runs out of cards. This means that if they have run out of cards but are the last one to complete the movement on a face card, they collect the pile and must play again until they are out. The game ends once only one person has the entire deck of cards.