What you need:
Ice tray
2+ players
40 oz. malt liquor per person
A quarter
Sparks Energy drink

How to play:
Everyone start with a 40 oz. and prepares it by drinking it down to the top of the label. Each player then pours Sparks Energy drink into the bottle until the bottle is full again. The ice tray is placed in the middle of the table, equidistant from each person. Everyone takes turns bouncing the quarter off the table and into the ice tray. The ride side of the tray is the “give” side and the left side is the “take” side. The number of drinks to be given or taken corresponds to the spot in the ice tray that the quarter lands in. the shooter tries to land the quarter in the ice cube holes, in order, from closes to furthest (on either side), and shoots until he misses. If he successfully makes each hole, everyone must put both thumbs up to their heads and spread their fingers like antlers while shouting, “Moosehead!” the last person to do it chugs their drink as the shooter continues to shoot until he misses. Once the person shooting misses, he passes the tray to the person on his left for that person’s turn.