There are certain types of men who hire an escort — the young traveling businessmen, who want an attractive woman delivered directly to their hotel room; the unhappily married or freshly-divorced middle-aged men who want sexual fulfillment and to bitch about their marriage; and the fully-grown virgins, who want their first sexual experience with satisfaction guaranteed, in the way only money can buy.

The young, untouched and inexperienced are by far the most memorable clients, several escorts have revealed to Rooster. Some say virgin clients are their favorite: sincere, innocent and sweet. Others say they’re a waking fucking nightmare: so horrifying that they’ll never touch another virgin man again.


Taking virginities is my passion project,” says Chelsea, a professional provider of the girlfriend experience. “They’re going to remember me forever, so I want to make it perfect for them.”

Chelsea’s job as a girlfriend experience provider is to blur the lines between a paid exchange and a real relationship, and a frequent part of her duties as a pretend first girlfriend is taking the V-card of men who are humiliated by their sexual inexperience.

“They build it up to be this huge social obstacle, then hire a provider because they want control over the experience that they wouldn’t have otherwise,” Chelsea says. “They want to go on a date and not feel super awkward, they want the guarantee of getting laid, and they want practice with women.”

Chelsea fully embraces the opportunity to take her most socially inept clients through a “dating boot camp.”

“Virgins will come to me for constructive criticism, and it’s so wonderful to be brutally honest with them," she says. "It’s cathartic to tell people what they’re doing wrong and to know they might be able to get a better relationship out of it in the future.”


“If I started telling my inexperienced clients what they’re doing wrong in the bedroom, I wouldn’t be able to stop,” laughs Danielle, another girlfriend experience provider. “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so of course I’m not going to tell them they fucking suck in bed.”

Danielle has had a terrible time being clients’ first lay. In fact, after her last experience, she’s vowed to never take another client’s virginity. Ever. Again.

“Just a couple weeks ago, I took the virginity of a 19-year-old boy,” Danielle says. “Frail, meek, maybe 90 pounds. As soon as he entered the door, he was shaking. He wouldn’t say anything. I tried to kiss him and he wouldn’t kiss back, his mouth was frozen. I tried to get him to touch me, but his hands were glued to his sides, so I had to place his hands where I wanted them. I tried to go down on him and he immediately stopped me. So I got on top, and he was done in 2 seconds. He told me, ‘that was fun!’ and ran out the door.”

The fragile little virgin paid nearly $1,000 for Danielle’s time, but the forced nature of their sexual interaction really disturbed her. “I’m okay being in charge but that was way too much,” Danielle says. “I’m still traumatized.”

On another occasion, Danielle took the V-card of a 30-year-old IT nerd who talked about nothing but video games. “The kissing was the weirdest part. I was his first kiss,” she says. “It was clear he’d tried to watch porn to prepare, but it was still awkward. And again, it was over so fast, I felt bad for him.”

Danielle has come to prefer less amateur clients. “Older clients pay more and focus on companionship. Younger men pay lower rates, are way more inexperienced, way more eager, and just too focused on the finishing point.”


Lux has explored all corners of the sex industry, from being a topless dancer to a cam model to an escort to a dominatrix. Like Chelsea, she favors her virginal customers.

“Experienced men tend to be cockier, more disrespectful and misogynistic,” she says. “I definitely prefer more inexperienced men because I feel like you can teach them how not to be a shitty partner, how not to be shitty in bed — and they can bring that to their next partner.”

Lux has had only endearing experiences with virgins. “There was one young man, probably 20, who was one of the few who admitted it was his first time,” Lux says. “He brought condoms and wine. He was very prepared and very cliche. You could tell he learned it all from watching teenage movies. It was adorable.”

Nineteen and twenty are early ages for men to become desperate to lose their virginity. But at some point, nearly all male virgins reach an age when they begin to see their sexual inexperience as a shameful defect.

Whether they were never presented with sexual opportunities or they simply turned them down, men can reach a point where they’re so embarrassed by their virginity that that shame seeps into every corner of their lives — their interactions with people, their confidence and their ability to pursue close relationships.

“I don’t know if we’re transitioning into an age where men would rather lose their virginity with some random girl or with someone of significance,” Lux says.

With an escort, you don’t need to feel afraid, embarrassed or emotionally vulnerable. You’re not judging her, and she’s not judging you.

For a price, you can unburden yourself of a crippling social construct — and get laid by somebody who’s totally out of your league.

Whether you’re paralyzed in fear or fumbling through the performances you learned watching porn, you’ll always leave a lasting impression. Taking grown men’s virginities isn’t an easy part of an escort’s job description, but it is unforgettable.

[originally published April 5, 2018]