Wedgie fetish culture has ties to, well, "ties" and BDSM. The correlation between pain and pleasure via a tight wedge of underwear strung up the ass crack is real and flourishing. And while this may be the first you’ve heard of sexy wedgies — and are more familiar with the act in association with middle-school bullying or funny Saturday morning cartoons — there’s a subculture of people who like to wedge and be wedged for the sake of sexual fulfillment.

These are there stories …


Submitter wbrsuperman to the literary porn site writes, “It's always a little incredulous how people can't make the connection between sex and wedgies, or at the very least sexual arousal.”

They explain that each individual with a wedgie fetish has their own story about how the preference developed. Many revolve around the secrecy of this seemingly non-sexual action being enjoyable. “They'd never suspect, and it became a game of maneuverability, how to convince someone that you'd hate it if they gave you a wedgie but they should anyway.”

Wedgie fetishes might also be sparked from the excitement to see what is under someone’s clothing.


User wbrsuperman goes on, “It's almost kinky, those hands sliding down your back and squeezing their way past your belt line. The brief pause while hands curl around the waistband before their inevitable trip northward. How stretchy the underwear was back then, how visible it would be at the top of the tug… God I love wedgies. For the panties, for the play, for the pain, for all of it.”

Wedgies offer the perfect action to fulfill domination and humiliation, they explain. “Domination meaning the victim is at the mercy of the wedgie giver, overpowered and unable to stop it except by begging. Humiliation meaning being seen by others, preferably in a public place or being posted online.”



One Deviant Art blogger professed his concern that his girlfriend may not understand or be into his wedgie fetish, thinking it’s too extreme. But after a week of talking, making sure she was comfortable, and not pushing the wedgie thing fully, he said, “My girlfriend gave me a wedgie and I gave her one back, only to find out that she might actually like the friction of her panties rubbing against her clit. She seems just as surprised as I am, and I'm actually kind of skeptical that she might have an undiscovered wedgie fetish, or at least a liking for them.”


A refuge for anonymous wedgie-lovers, most modern-day practitioners of wedgie fetishes have visited the website Wedgie Haven. Once the cyber-home for all things wedgie, users posted stories, questions, and even took things offline for “pulling parties,” where they could meet up at parks and other public spaces to hide in the bushes for everything from a little tug to a super wedgie. This question-board/meet-up behavior is consistent with the range of niche fetishes, like Furries, where members bond over fetishes for dressing up and getting jiggy with cartoonish animals — and Cake Sitting.

Wedgie Haven was officially shut down April 1, 2018, as “a result of the recent passage of FOSTA/SESTA in the United States, an ill thought-out attempt to combat sex trafficking,” says the site’s managers.


Digitally, every major porn site from Pornhub to XNXX and even XVIDEOS has a category for wedgie fetishes. These videos lean toward bondage and BDSM, with wedgies made of rope and both men and women being strung up by their whale tails for the purpose of sparking crotch and rectal pain (Mom, please stop reading) and fulfilling either a dominant or submission sexual desire.


No way. A fetish, so long as it isn’t harming anyone and both parties are consenting, should always have the freedom to find a safe space to be fulfilled.

Much like the great spectrum of attraction and allure, not all wedgies are sexy. One blogger spoke about their “most beloved fetish,” wedgies, and said in the context of watching a cartoon geared at a young audience, “While I find it amusing that this girl gets a wedgie, I am well aware it is not a sexual action within the context of the show. The notion that all wedgies are sexual is something I just don't believe.”

That’s like saying everyone who buys a cake from the bakery is looking to get hard watching someone sit in the icing.

[cover photo Delaforet via Pixabay]