A new campaign out of Los Angeles is taking us back when “Feeling the Burn" meant something entirely different.

As millennials latch on to Bernie Sanders and his giving ways, the catch phrase “Feel the Bern” has become the go-to dinner conversation starter for all things sex, drugs and politics.

Jumping all over its coattails, a new campaign out of Los Angeles is taking everyone back to the good ol' days when “Feeling the Burn” referenced the irritating rash that sprouts up after the prior weekend’s bad decision with the neighbor from 201. 

The billboard offering free STD checks and awareness is the brainchild of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an LA-based non profit bringing awareness to AIDS prevention, testing and healthcare.

“Senator Sanders’ powerful message resonates with a lot of Americans, particularly young people,” Jason Farmer of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation said in a press release. “We hope that our lighthearted—but highly important—billboard campaign for STD testing will as well.”

In this tough political climate and incessant shitshow taking place during the election season, it’s great to see an injection of humor. We’re definitely feeling the burn and it isn’t for the political candidate this time … we slept with the neighbor from 201, again.