Professionals? We don't need no stinkin' professionals. 

What do trained tattoo artists know anyway? They're basically just overgrown toddlers coloring on their money-wasting victims with really pokey permanent markers. Anyone with half a brain could probably do it better, right?

An inventor named Jakub Pollág just unveiled his personal tattooing machine during Czech Design Week, and there's no way this is a bad idea.

He's got a pretty convincing argument:

Personal Tattoo Machine materializes your thoughts directly onto your skin without the need of a professional tattooist. The aim is to enhance tattoos that are not about aesthetics instead their main function is to reflect meaningful memories. Due to their permanent nature, it is important that they are honest and exclusive. It enables you to mark a significant event or period of time onto your body so it will always be with you and represents who you are. Personal Tattoo Machine is a simple and affordable mechanism that uses a few standard off shelf products, like sterile needles and tubes. The primary goal is to give the user a quality tool that is safe and comfortable to use. The set contains all the parts necessary to create your image straight away. It is a short and simple process to setup the machine and sterilize the surrounding environment, everything else is up to the user.

See? Everything is sterilized anyway, so you're good to go. Get to inkin'! If you're still not convinced about the idea of tattooing half your body, learning to draw with your other hand, and then covering the rest, just watch the video. 

We've already ordered a few, but we'd like a few interns to practice on first.