If you're anything like us, and we hope you are, you've secretly dreamt of falling asleep in a giant breakfast-themed bed. One with big toast pillows and an omelet blanket. Or maybe even a croissant sleeping bag; it doesn't matter, as long as it's something you'd eat before like, 2PM on any given day. Secret's out!

Well, let's all take a minute and give a big round of applause to Japan, who has made our dreams a delicious, snuggly reality with their new line of bedding inspired by baked goods. And eggs. Wrap yourself in a croissant, hunker down inside a donut, and be the cream inside a giant cream puff-thing. Here, look:

Now your sleepovers can be like one, giant carb-filled pastry basket! A continental breakfast! A grab bag of bread treats! OoOOooH!

Spreading yourself a little thin has never been so much goddamn fun. With this toast & jam setup, you can be the sweet goopy topping on a piece of perfectly golden toast.

Don't you just want to eat her? The English translation for the Japanese product name is "thick slices of Japanese cushion bread."

Close your eyes and picture this: you're the milky-sweet cream filling in a puff pastry, and you're just the coziest you've ever been. Now open your eyes. This is what it would be like. Ahhh. Now go to sleep.

This is an omelet blanket. The green stuff is "green tea cream." If this doesn't make you feel tired enough to wonder if you have narcolepsy, then we're sorry, nothing will.

This chocolate croissant-eqsue contraption loosely translates from Japanese into "flop down into a chocolate nap."

The bread beds are made by Felissimo, and they're whatever the dollar equivalent of 110 euros is. Plus, imagine how unforgettable you'd be in bed if your bed was a giant omelet. We'll take the entire line, please.