Teresa Marie South is in a nice, neighborhood bakery, searching for a beautiful cake to shove her asscheeks into. Tonight, she’ll be performing in a burlesque show, and sitting in a bakery-made cake in front of a live audience.

“I’m looking at cakes, saying ‘I don’t want nuts’ or ‘I don’t want that color frosting,’” South tells Rooster. “When I find the perfect one, I said very loudly ‘I’m going to destroy this cake with my butt!’” The stranger standing next to her, who was picking out a Spongebob-themed birthday cake, was horrified.

On stage, South builds anticipation until the big climax, when she triumphantly plops her buttcheeks down on the cake. The audience gasps. A moment of silence. Then… thunderous applause.

Cake-sitting is always a tremendous success, South says. As a food fetishist, it’s easy for her to understand why. A lot of people have a fucked-up relationship with food, viewing much of it as off-limits and out of reach, which frequently translates into fetishization.

South finds food so sexy that she created Live Food Girls, a website bursting with high-quality food fetish erotica. She photographs the site’s models out of her own home as they pornographically pose with tacos, pizza, noodles, candies, cookies and cakes.

[Black Forest Cake/Live Food Girls]

“Food fetish can mean a lot of things: people who are aroused by specific foods, people who want food play in the bedroom, or people who want to be fed,” South says. “Food and sex go super well together, so combining them in any way — in sexy photos or in the bedroom — is a marriage made in heaven.”

One of Live Food Girl’s most highly requested food smut, from models and customers alike, is cake. “We’ve done birthday cakes, black forest cake, cupcakes, cheesecake,” South says. “Models really like sitting in cake. There’s something super satisfying about destroying something with your butt.”

The appeal of cake is twofold. First, it’s junk food. Unhealthy snacks like cookies and cakes are a huge demand for food fetish producers like South, likely because they’re taboo.

“They say that fetishes can be traced back to your childhood,” South says. “I was raised by very health-conscious parents who gave me very healthy foods. I was never allowed to eat sugar or processed foods, and I’d have to watch my friends eat their leftover pizza and Twizzlers and popcorn.”

“Making foods unavailable and watching other people eating them, you start to fetishize it as something you can’t have. And that relationship doesn’t change as you get older, and everybody’s dieting, and we all have all these rigid lifestyles and weird food intolerances.”

[Oreogasmic/Live Food Girls]

Then, there’s the second allure: cake makes a huge mess. This is extremely enticing for a niche fetish known as “sploshing,” or “wet and messy” (WAM), in which partners use all different types of foods and drinks with different textures and temperatures to stimulate each other's senses.

“Sometimes sploshing erotica is not conventionally sexy at all. The models will be in a bathtub full of baked beans or kitty pool overflowing with pudding,” South says. “It’s all about being submerged or suffocating in copious amounts of that food.”

Wet and messy isn’t Live Food Girls’ central focus, but sploshers can certainly find smut up their alley on the site.

The same goes for deviants who love cake farts, a fetish in which you smoosh your butthole into a cake and blast out a frosting-filled fart.

South has always been fascinated with cake farts, but because Live Food Girls mostly features still images and clips without sound, she isn’t able to include the fetish on her site without sacrificing the essential element of volume. 

“You look at these girls, and you expect delicate little lady farts, but they must be eating bean burritos to get ready, because these are some impressive bursts of wind. They don’t hold back,” South says. “That’s the beauty of cake farts — the contrast between these sexy women, these beautiful cakes, and then those echoing trucker farts, amplified by the icing. “

As Live Food Girls grows, it might one day incorporate video, including the powerful flatulence of women with buttercream icing in their asscrack. In the meantime, they’ll continue to toy with the idea of what pornography is, and continue to encourage fellow fetishists to love their food in more than one way.

[Birthday Cake with Bambi/Live Food Girls]