When in doubt, send in the digital crusaders

Everyone’s favorite hacktivist organization is back for another round of digital justice. Following the Paris terror attacks, Anonymous declared war on the beard-totting hate-hippies and promised a day of reckoning. Well folks, that day is upon us.

This Friday, Dec 11, Anonymous is calling on all eating, breathing and tech savvy individuals without a day job to launch #OperationISIS — or for the laymen, Anti-ISIS Day. Although the name sounds corny — we can only imagine an Anonymous hacker sitting at his desk watching 007 and coming up with the name — the organization has a plan to take the terrorists down, and is asking for you to “help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them” on the many social media outlets.

You know things have changed on a social and communicative landscape when the only way to defeat a foreign enemy is not by dropping bombs and deploying soldiers, but instead by shaming them online until they crack like a bullied teenager.   

Nonetheless, we’re all part of the fight against ISIS. So dust off that old Eagle Scout badge and head for the computer, because you're being beckoned. Here's how Anonymous wants you to get involved:


– Post mocking photos of Isis while using #Daesh and #Daeshbags

– Post photos of goats while @ing Isis members with captions talking about their wives

– Use #'s that many Isis members use and post mocking photos

– While again using #'s Isis members use, call them out on being Daesh

– First @ Isis members call the attention of all your friends to them to suspend -While using #'s known for Isis members to use post photos of dead Isis members -Lets try to get #Daeshbags trending


– Post photos showing you are not afraid against them

– Openly call them Daesh

– Post photos of captured Isis members and mock them


– Find Isis accounts and out them to all of your friends asking to report

– Openly call them Daesh and Deashbags

– Spread mocking photos of Isis


– Make mocking videos of Isis

– Spread photos of dead/captured Isis members

– Call to other youtubers to join in and to mock and belittle Isis members

– Find any Isis accounts and report them

Real Life

– Print out photos that mock Isis and spread them around your city (be careful can be seen as bad if some dont understand you arent supporting but mocking)

– Make stickers of mocking photos and put around your town

– Print out pages showing how Isis does not represent Islam"

There you have it, good people. Should your boss or teacher ask why you’re using office equipment to print ISIS flags, tell them you’re declaring war on ISIS and you’ll be back after lunch. If that doesn’t get you a raise, we’re not sure you boss is the fine patriot you believed they were.