We don't know what to feel anymore… 

In America, ladies can't have their nipples exposed in public. (Except for Boulder, but anything goes there.)

We're not really sure why the little pencil erasers on the end of boobs work people into an unholy rage, but that's society's opinion, apparently, and social media has responded. Facebook and Instagram deem that "inappropriate content" and will semi-quickly remove your naked lady bosoms if you post a picture of them on their sites. 

On the heels of the "Free the Nipple" campaign, folks have come up with a confusing yet apparently appropriate way to post their topless shots without setting off the alarms of the morality police. 

Male nipples are acceptable, so intrepid nudists have just photoshopped approved male nips over their offending female ones… and the censors seem alright with it. 

Which really opens up the dialogue of why women's nipples are apparently so offensive and disturbing in the first place.

Free the nipple, we say. But don't hide them under dude nipples.