We want everyone to know who we are, but we don't want 700 other people copying us, right?

Oh, the all-knowing, unblinking eye of Google. As long as it doesn't freak you out that they're tracking every single search everyone does all the time, there's a lot of fun to be had with the data! They recently released their "Frightgeist" map, which tracks people's frantic Internet search for the perfect Halloween costume this year. You can buzz around, searching local terms across the country — and it turns out there's gonna be a lot more hippies in Colorado Springs this year. Whether or not they'll be slutty versions remains to be seen. 

The Frightgeist site also has a national ranking of the 504 most popular costumes. When it comes to the top of the pile, it's pretty clear who you'll see with their boobs out this weekend:

Princess Leia qualifies as the most popular Star Wars character to show up in Google’s searches (it doesn’t specify if people are gonna be regular Leia or Jabba the Hut slave Leia). The least popular? Jessica Rabbit. Which is a damn shame, but it makes sense: she's the most unrealistically shaped. 

The real question is which Harley Quinn people will opt for, as there are three main versions. There's the traditional jester outfit:

The Arkham Asylum version:

And the far more deranged Margot Robbie version from Suicide Squad, which will be released next year:


You can play around with the Google results right here