Gucci put out an $890 sweater that covers half the wearer's face in black and looks like it has big red lips.

Yesterday, Gucci yanked the overpriced top from its online and retail stores and apologized "deeply," calling the incident a "learning moment."

It was criticized on social media as resembling blackface — blackface being one of the most popular ways to ridicule people of color, historically speaking.

Blackface is hot right now as a reputation-ruiner.

Want to get ousted as governor of a medium-sized state? Want to lose your job as host of an NBC morning show? Want to embarrass your all boys school?

Just follow the examples of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Megyn Kelly and the Covington Catholic boys who each either wore or (sort of) defended blackface.

Now, Gucci is right in there with them.

It is true that Italy is roughly as racist as Virginia — Italian soccer fans have been caught taunting players from Africa as monkeys.

And social media is also pointing to Prada — another Italian status symbol —  which disappeared a keychain a couple months ago that looked like a dude with dark skin and big lips.

The rest of social media is piling on, saying Gucci needs to hire more people of color to vet their products. 

"Gucci needs pointy hats in their lineup," Tweeted @_brigand.

The best Tweet came from @KloppClips: