This'll show those stupid guys how upsetting it is to see genitals … right?

Dick pics are weird. Just think about it in real life: You walk up to a woman in a bar. She says hello. You immediately drop your pants and show her a flaccid penis. 

You're going to jail.

Thanks to the Internet though, we can basically do the same thing without prison time and somehow people laugh it off and still allow it go on.

In response, LA resident Kerry Quinn decided she was sick and tired of being assaulted by random cocks, so she decided to give them a taste of their own medicine

"I wondered, 'What would guys do if I turned the tables and sent them an unexpected vagina pic?' And so, in my own twist on revenge porn, I sent 40 unexpected vagina pics to men on Bumble."

The Method:

First, I had to find the perfect vagina pic because the only people who see mine are men I'm intimate with (and, duh, my gynecologist). I searched the Interwebs, and after extensive research I have to give props to straight guys and lesbians — vaginas are like fingerprints except you really don't know what you're going to get. After a lot of "Whoa!"s and "Oh my!"s I found a vagina that somewhat matched mine (correct skin tone!) and seemed "cute” (even if it's some other lady's secret garden, it'd better be attractive).

Next, I loaded the dating app Bumble, which lets you send photos to your matches within the app rather than via text. If I was going to send vaje pics willy-nilly, I didn't want to have too many weirdoes knowing my phone number.

I made my search parameters wide — ages 22-60 (I didn't want to give an older guy a heart attack) and up to 50 miles in the LA area. I swiped right on every man that popped up and matched with about 100. I sent out a blanket, "Hello handsome," note since women need to make the first move on Bumble. And then I waited.

So she blasted this lady flower shot at 40 unsuspecting victims, doing what in the real world would have her arrested.

Guess what happened? Mostly this:

The Results:

"Of the 37 guys who communicated with me about my v-pic, every one of them wanted to meet me, regardless of age or location. Most blew up my phone with descriptions of what they'd do to my body, specifically to the fake vagina I found on the Interwebs."

Yeah, men are disgusting creatures. Instead of reacting with concern or shock at seeing a stranger's most private area immediately after making contact, they just wanna bang. 

Just imagine this in real life — you walk up to a girl, say hi, and she flashes her beaver at you. 

If you're like the 37 out of 37 men in this example, you don't back away slowly. You go for it.

People are the worst …