But it don't want my mom to be there in any capacity …

There are a lot of good reasons to have sex. Tequila. To see someone naked. Boredom.

But "your own mother" is pretty much never the reason.

Denmark, on the other hand, doesn't agree. To try and combat their shrinking birth rate, a new ad recommends that hot young Danes should totally bang — mostly to fix the collapsing welfare situation, but also so your poor mom can have all the thrills of having her very own grandbaby. 

And the video is great, because it recommends people take lavish tropical vacations (which leads to plenty of boning). But having mom in the same room, helping take off your lady's bra? Uh … not for us, thanks. 

However, if anyone's parents wanna give us money to go visit a white sandy beach and plow our lady silly, that'll be just fine. 

If you happen to watch this on YouTube, try not to scroll down. The comments turn pretty ugly pretty quick.

As your mother would say, "Be careful down there."