Fashion works within cycles. Celebrities bring some obscure style to life, it trickles down to the common folk, then it quickly dies away. All too often, the trend was uncomfortable, impractical, or even an abomination on the eyes, and its death is a welcome casualty.

But sometimes, terrible styles take on a second life, refusing to stay in the grave where they belong. Trendy youngsters rejuvenate the fads of old, deeming them "vintage" or "retro."

Yet another resurgence of tragic trends is now unfolding before us, bringing the unsightly attire of our adolescence back into our catalogs and onto our streets. The fashions popularized by Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell, and countless more 90s style icons are now making a comeback. Below, we compile these returning trends as a cautionary tale to the teens — they shouldn’t have to make these same mistakes.


90s era Justin Timberlake flaunting the attire of a fashion-confused fisherman
Old-school Delia's catalog boasts a trendy denim and daisy-trimmed bucket bonnet
Present-day picture of Pharrell donning tragically goofy headgear
Rihanna reps florals and finances with this posh headpiece


When N'Sync's got a photoshoot at 3 but has to paint a house at 4
Fresh Prince in fresh prints and carelessly unbuckled suspenders
Free People now offers a costly ladylike take on Will Smith's 'broken buckle' trend
Jean cutoffs and colorful patches combine in one of many current overall options on  


The Spice Girls instantly grew eight inches taller in chunky chic shoes
Britney Spears' metallic pink tube top and knee patches would be an incomplete look without shiny platform sneakers
Urban Outfitters now offers old-fashioned footwear that makes walking close to impossible
Avant-garde Gucci gives us the chance to look like a stylish skyscraper for only $950 at Nordstrom


     Delia's polyester pants offered adolescents athletic flair without having to play a single sport
Will Smith's iconic tracksuits took the look of "athleisure" to a whole 'nother level
Supermodel Gigi Hadid hits the runway in runwear with Adidas from top of bottom
The irony of coupling crop tops and high heels with exercise apparel must be lost on Urban Outfitters, which currently offers this outfit of confusion in its online catalog.


Every self-respecting 90s teenager knew that their outfit was incomplete without flashy fluorescent shades like these
Baby Britney's purple frames were on fleek as she strutted down the Disney Channel red carpet
Johnny Depp recently recreated Britney's vogue look of violently violet sunglasses now sells pastel specs complete with bedazzled hearts for that truly "12-year-old chic" appearance


Miniature Natalie Portman was a style trailblazer when it came to accessories that strangle
Sabrina the Teenage Witch looked nothing less than enchanting with a shiny choker constricting her breathing
Tattoo chokers, which once covered the throats of countless middle school students, are now on sale at Forever 21 for only $4
Unfortunately for fashionista Kendall Jenner, two collars can make protest-pacifying Pepsi extra hard to swallow


The Rock's iconic turtleneck and fanny pack combo encouraged a decade of carrying possessions in a FUPA-like pouch
Old-school Barbie and Ken strap on thier neon-colored utility sacks before they hit the boardwalk blading
Free People now fuels America's newfound fanny pack fever with posh holographic pocket belts
Rock star Jared Leto models his self-proclaimed "hip pack" in the Southwestern wilderness. We can only assume the pouch is filled to the brim with Moroccan hair oil