AQUARIUS: It’s no time to shirk responsibility for your actions. Give voice to what you really want and figure out how to get it in a way that’s reasonable. That works for your love life too. You’re sexy and you know it, so what are you waiting for? 

PISCES: You may be too focused on money and finances this month. It’s not healthy. You can’t control the outcome of everything, so stop frustrating yourself by trying. Perhaps it’s time for a close encounter of the sexy kind. Work around your monetary distractions and focus on your love life. 

ARIES: You’re releasing your sexy inner beast, and the timing couldn’t be better. This sets the stage for steamy lovemaking, so don’t overbook your calendar. You handle drama in your usual energetic, take-no-shit-from-anyone way. If you can’t, keep moving. You don’t like to be slowed down. 

TAURUS: This month is a slow burn, meaning you’ll be randy as a bull in spring, but with nary a prospect. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to go without, though. There are those who’ve had their eye on you. You just have to look more carefully at people you may have taken for granted.  

GEMINI: This month may feel like something Dr. Seuss wrote, which adds an element of excitement. Whether you’re seeking a casual fling or a long-term partner, you’re ready. Keep an eye on the bigger picture. There are all kinds of sexy things headed your way. Enjoy them! 

CANCER: You like delivering sharp remarks and calling people out who need it. You also can use your words to seduce even the most resistant lover. Anyone who enters your bedroom now will leave a changed person. Being in your presence when the magic flows is like nothing they’ve ever experienced. 

LEO: Fantasy role-playing is your forte, and this month your self-expression will lead to new milestones in your sex life. You have a beautifully devastating passion that encompasses everyone around you, especially your lovers. Don’t lose yourself in the moment, though. 

VIRGO: Work will never fulfill you like a loving relationship, whether short-term or long, so why are you spinning your wheels? Your instinct is to go all the way and hold nothing back. What would it look like if you did that with a lover? It may launch a whole new outlook.

LIBRA: You enjoy being the peacekeeper, but this month will have you so busy, you may not know which way to turn. Soon, though, you’re ‘back in the saddle’ sexually, and not so distracted. Passion, charm, and all the attention you could possibly want is yours for the taking. 

SCORPIO: You’re not big on drastic changes, so the past few months may have been tough on you. This month, you’re locked and loaded in more ways than one, and ready to take on any challenge that comes at you. Your sexy brain will be churning up naughty ideas that you want to enjoy with a partner or four. 

SAGITTARIUS: Last month’s full moon really worked you over, but now you’re ready to rumble! Clear your head and get busy gettin’ busy! You’ll be highly motivated, so find a way to include your partner in all the fun that’s in store. You know how to rock! 

CAPRICORN: Home is your focus. Whether you’re going to purge all that extra crap you don’t need, or move into a new place, you’re on top of it. That means, though, that you may not be in the mood for much else. Get creative and consider making love somewhere you haven’t before. Stop adulting for once.