ARIES: You’re seeking steamy, almost spiritual lovemaking, so clear your calendar. Later in the month, expect work and family drama, but if you stay low-key, it’ll pass without stinging too much. You have the physical energy to work it in your favor. 

TAURUS: The month may start out rough, but you’re the mighty bull and no one can stop you from getting what you want. Avoid getting into the petty stuff. If you have to pleasure yourself, so be it. You may not be in the mood, though, and that’s okay because you have laziness down to an art form. Just

GEMINI: Spend time figuring yourself out this month so you can get back to doing the nasty. You might even meet someone so much like you, sex will be like having a “doppelbanger.” By month’s end, you’re riding the party train that will carry you through the rest of the summer. 

CANCER: Your mouth may be writing checks that your ass can’t cash this month, so proceed with caution. It’s one thing to oversell your abilities, and another to have to put those tall tales into action. Don’t tell your partner that they’re about to have the best sex in their life unless you know you can pull it off.  

LEO: Fantasies abound this month, so get ready. No need need performance-enhancing drugs, because you’re already good at everything, especially in bed. Later, your budget may be beaten and battered. A good time to Netflix and chill. 

VIRGO: Things are copacetic, so why are you still dissatisfied? Maybe “moderation” is overrated. Work on really letting go and enjoying things, even the unplanned. Your comfort zone isn’t meant to be a permanent residence. Up your game and don’t look back. 

LIBRA: You’re about to undergo a chaotic month, so strap in and enjoy the ride. You’ll be met with novel and unique requests that might frighten you a bit, but you got this. Take a few chances and let your guard down. You might find that you actually enjoy BDSM or role-playing. 

SCORPIO: Your mojo is legendary. Why so blue? Stop over-thinking every little thing, and let loose. You may find you harbor a treasure trove of really naughty things to do in the bedroom, and your partner will be pleasantly surprised. Make a game of it instead of a chore. 

SAGITTARIUS: You have a strong desire for longer play sessions which may open your eyes to some truly unique things to try. Later you’ll be caught up in work issues and may be too tired to do much at the end of the day. As Steve Winwood says, Roll with it, baby! 

CAPRICORN: Home life may be clamoring for your attention, but don’t just lock yourself up and forget the greater world and all its possibilities. Being occupied and distracted makes it all that much harder to set the right mood. Get adventurous and try something you haven’t considered before. 

AQUARIUS: You’re great at keeping secrets, but this month, all the cats get out of the proverbial bag. You can’t imagine the drama this is going to cause. Where’s that “sexy and I know it” attitude that is your hallmark? This is a good time to use that sexiness to distract from other things.

PISCES: For once in your life, you’re going to be completely consumed with money and planning for your future. Big and small changes are afoot. But that doesn’t mean no sex. On the contrary, take it as a challenge to work around these issues and still get what you want. Even if it’s a ten-minute interlude.