AQUARIUS: Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose. Though it might sound overly simplistic, for you it’s true now. Sharpen your perception of the people around you and you’ll find potential relationships in unexpected places. It’s time to get back into the dating scene. 

PISCES: You cannot control the outcome, especially in relationships. Allow them to blossom naturally and you’ll enjoy physical intimacy and companionship like you never dreamed possible. Sex is the glue that will hold you together. Make it high quality and you’ll never regret it. It’s your time to shine.

ARIES: Your key words this month are lust and desire. Otherwise known as business as usual. Despite your propensity for randy rutting with anything that moves, you might be seeking something long-term and satisfying. Choose new connections wisely. Not all will be worthy.

TAURUS: It’s a month for exploration. A casual fling with an unlikely partner could turn into an unexpected romance. This is the perfect time to cultivate new beginnings. All you have to do is step outside your comfort zone and let things proceed as they may. Go ahead and sow the seeds of love. 

GEMINI: Traipsing along stomping on other people’s feelings will land you in hot water this month. Your devil-may-care approach to life is going to work against you so slow down and exercise tremendous caution. Work on your formidable communication skills. Life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, you know. 

CANCER: You tend to live a rich inner life. It’s a good time to go deep and figure out what you want out of love. Doing so proactively means you’ll be ready when the time comes. Just remember to perform due diligence. Potential partners may not always be what they seem. 

LEO: Even you can be smitten despite the walls you have erected around your heart. Focus on getting to know your partner in more than just a physical way. Sex doesn’t always have to drive the proverbial lust bus. You deserve someone worthy of your long-term, unconditional love and support. 

VIRGO: “You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.” Though that might refer to the lottery, it also refers to your sex life. Take a risk with your heart this month and you may see big dividends. It’s the perfect time to discuss long-term plans and ask probing questions of a potential love interest. 

LIBRA: Persistence and a positive approach brings happiness and joy now. Go ahead and accept an invitation and socialize as much as you can. There’s someone looking for you but won’t find you if you keep yourself locked away. Serial dating may be the answer you’re seeking. 

SCORPIO: Sex is always on your mind, though finding the right partners might be a tad difficult this month. Minimize your urge to play games with others’ hearts and it could be a very sensual time. Focus on a partner’s needs and desires and keep your possessive behavior out of the bedroom. 

SAGITTARIUS: You are typically high-energy, but “chill” is your spirit animal this month. Think of a sloth or a koala bear. When you slow down, you tend to take the potential for love a lot more seriously and not just as a necessary distraction. Focus more on people and less on material gain.

CAPRICORN: You’re not necessarily shy, but do tend to come off that way to others. It’s because you are always considering the end game, even in love. You cannot simultaneously prepare for war and prevent it. The same is true in sex and love. Cultivate a genuine romantic connection and see where it goes.