ARIES: Put yourself out into the world this month, because it’s an ideal time for meeting new sex partners, dating, romance, and maybe even kicking off a spring fling or three. Your blunt approach may be a turn-off to some, but you have that Aries charm to win them over. 

TAURUS: In your world view, sex = life. Initiate a plan to have down-and-dirty sex every day this month. No excuses. Can you do it? The planets say you have every chance for success. You might even learn something new in the process. It’s not rocket surgery.

GEMINI: It’s the chase you long for and not necessarily the end game. In fact, you may have grown quite bored with the same-old-same-old, especially in bed. How can you spice things up? Since it’s Gemini season, you won’t have any problem finding those who like to try new things. Maybe even another Gemini or two. 

CANCER: You may be looking for love in all the wrong places, Cancer. As you tend to prefer one partner over a dozen, a certain someone might be standing right in front of you and you don’t even notice them because you’re too busy looking everywhere else. Take a step back and re-evaluate your process to come out on top. Literally.  

LEO: You love sex. Period. The more physical and intense, the better. You’re well-advised to obtain a copy of the Kama Sutra and begin working your way through it this month. Find yourself another fire sign to experiment with, someone passionate and a bit animalistic like yourself. 

VIRGO: Relationships start to heat up for you and will build all the way to your birthday. Work hard to make them something you’ll want to be involved in for years to come. If you’re setting your standards too high, step back and reassess what you want and what you’re actually getting.

LIBRA: This is the perfect time to enter a red-hot relationship that’s more than a spring fling. The person you’ve had your eye on could be your better half. Remember not to toss out your morals and ambitions for a quick fuck. You’re in it for quality, not quantity. 

SCORPIO: You can become fuck-struck at the drop of a hat. The expectations you hold, though, are scaring potential partners away. Take a more casual, less intense approach to sex. You have plenty of opportunities this month to shine, but not if you’re attracting those who can’t rise up to your gold standard. 

SAGITTARIUS: You’re looking for someone who will bring passion and pleasure into your life. Focus on fun and try not to slip into a more serious mode and kill the vibe. Sometimes, snap decisions work against you, especially in sex and love. Do what’s best for you this month.

CAPRICORN: You have a completely different set of standards than anyone else in the zodiac. Your love language tends to be rudeness with a hint of violence. Your best partnership in love and business this month is someone who will take the chance no matter what you say. 

AQUARIUS: Abe Lincoln was a famous Aquarian, and he affected dynamic change in the world through persistence and intellect. Take your cue from his life this month in love, because you may very well be the person someone else is actively looking for. 

PISCES: You are continually looking for romance to bloom, and while you’re eager to date, don’t get too emotionally attached to anyone you meet this month. Let go of expectations and enjoy letting loose sexually instead. It’s possible to be too reserved for your own good.