Sex might not be the first thing on your list this month, but there will plenty of opportunities to enjoy some horizontal refreshment. It’s up to you to decide how much and with whom. Just make sure it’s not all physical. You enjoy intellectual engagement just as much as the next person. Heat it up! 

This is your month to really glow sexually! You are both intense and intuitive, and you’ll connect with those who share the same qualities. You know sex is best when both mind and body are involved. Be clear about exactly what you want. It’s your satisfaction at stake here.ARIES: Much of what you’ve been fantasizing about sexually surges to the forefront. Do your warm-up stretches and make sure you’re limber enough to go that extra mile. This is a switch from the rougher, more spontaneous sex you’re used to. Reach new heights now. 

Imagine having an orgasm any time you wanted to. You’re the most sensual sign of the zodiac, so becoming a human orgasmatron could very well happen. You’re much more in tune with your body and sexuality now. Partners treat your body like the ultimate carnival ride. 

You’re a sapiosexual at heart which gives a whole new meaning to “mind fuck.” Your partners now will have a deep intellectual connection with you, as you like it. You’re seeking novelty because you want it weird, but in a good way. Sex will be explosively hot this month if you let it. 

It’s your turn to feel emotionally and sexually satisfied for a change. You always give, give, give, but haven’t gotten much in return. Your perfect lover is seeking you while you’re seeking them, and they’re not afraid of your wild sexuality. Broaden your search parameters. 

As we ease into the Age of Aquarius, your sexual prowess increases exponentially. Can you imagine? You’re attractive to everyone, including partners from your past. Just remember that there’s a reason they’re in your past. Maybe they should stay there. 

Sex with you can be otherworldly, which sets you apart from every other sign. This month, you’re focused on having a more spiritual kind of sex. One-nighters and booty calls just aren’t going to cut it. Find someone who is as invested in the long-term as you are. 

You’re known for being bold and direct in most everything…and now it’s time to expand that repertoire to your sex life. Set your sights on the most adventurous sex you can and then go for it. You may be especially attracted to other air signs (Gemini, Aquarius), who will enhance your pleasure. 

Your sun sign is synonymous with sex, and you’re in the money now. Get clear about what you want from your partners and get rid of the rest. They’re just distractions from the real thing. Your sex life is about to improve dramatically. You might even want to find “the one!”  

The success of your sex life currently is directly connected to your ability to let down your guard and let your freak flag fly. If you’ve been playing it safe, it’s time to go big or go home. Seek out less conventional partners and engage in some exciting sex games. Whipped cream and handcuffs? 

You can’t be too busy working all the time, letting your sex life fade away. The adage, “Use it or lose it!” holds true for you. Don’t get out of practice or you’ll find yourself down the road with nothing. Are you ready to settle for that? We didn’t think so.