AQUARIUS: There are much better ways to communicate how you feel than by simply telling your partner. Show them that you are a cunning linguist in the language of love. Create an environment of sexual alchemy and a willingness to please your partner first and foremost. It’s not always about you. 

PISCES: Where you tend to feel scattered, you now feel whole. Use that newfound focus in bed where you can dazzle your partner with your vast knowledge of sexual pleasure. You’re ruled by your emotions, and that makes you a sexual empath and an excellent lover. 

ARIES: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, your sexual energy is set to explode! However, your self-control is going to be tested like never before, and it will take a heroic effort not to hump everything that moves. Work on your impulsiveness before you scare everyone away. 

TAURUS: It’s tough for you to hold back when your sex drive is working overtime, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You experience strong emotions as well as an incredible mojo which may lead to poor choices in sexual partners. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  

GEMINI: You have the opportunity to maintain sexual relationships with one or several persons you’re attracted to this month. That doesn’t mean you have to choose. You’ve got the stamina to please all of them, and if that’s how you feel, go for it. You can’t help it that you’re the slut of the zodiac. 

CANCER: You feel much more confident about yourself this month, and you’ll attract lovers like moths to a flame. The question is: can you handle it? Physically, yes. Emotionally? That’s another matter. Show yourself high levels of self-care so that you’re not giving every bit of yourself away. 

LEO: Yeah, you’re opinionated, but that doesn’t mean you have to force them on everyone. It’s important that you make sure your partners are getting their needs met before getting your own. The bedroom is a place for love talk, not political debates. A satisfied mate is much more willing to consider your point of view. 

VIRGO: Your creative levels are running high this month, and you can initiate deeply satisfying sexual encounters with more than one lover. The act of love is a matter of self-understanding and personal self-realization, and that’s right up your alley. Let your freak flag fly. You won’t be sorry. 

LIBRA: Your sexual expression is aching for release, and you know just how to satisfy it. Your confidence levels are high, so you go all in which satisfies you and your lover in dynamic ways. Try things outside your comfort zone and everyone ends up happy. That’s a balance you can live with.  

SCORPIO: Is it possible that your sex drive will increase this month? Absolutely. It’s an excellent time to deepen the relationship between your formidable mojo and self-expression. Get creative. Make sure to follow through. You have a lot to gain this month if you just be yourself. 

SAGITTARIUS: Boredom and monotony are your least favorite words, and this month you’ll show your inventive sexual prowess like a boss. Sex revitalizes you more than anyone else, so don’t hold back. Make your partner moan and scream so loudly it frightens the neighbors. Won’t hurt your reputation as a dynamic lover, either. 

CAPRICORN:  It’s important that you take time to understand your lover better this month otherwise you’ll end up feeling dissatisfied. And that feeling may bleed over into other areas of your life. Nothing wrong with watching a how-to video on becoming a better lover.