AQUARIUS: Let’s face it…you’re eccentric in every way. People expect it, so set a challenge for yourself this month to have sex everywhere EXCEPT the bedroom. Your creative spirit will love it! To get the most out of the experience, look for those earthy signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. They get your motor revvin.’

PISCES: As the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, sex magick is your realm. Tantric sex, orgasmic breathing exercises, candlewax rituals, moon bathing…consider it all. Seek out a fire sign this month to really get things heated up (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius). No “Debbie Downers” for you! 

ARIES: You’re a natural-born leader, but what fun it is to let someone else take the leather spanker and make you their slave! Have you been a bad, bad puppy? You have! So take your licking and like it. Your safe word is, “More!”

TAURUS: Only a Leo can keep up with you in the sex department this month, so find yourself a lovely lion for daily romps, tapping ass, jumping bones, and knocking boots. You can also send out for sushi, get your salad tossed, and butter the biscuit. You’ve got it all covered. 

GEMINI: Durrrrty talk is your forte, Gemini. You think your fantasies are too “out there,” but you’d be surprised at how many partners would jump at the chance to role play with you. The filthier the better. Someone more experienced is just the ticket. 

CANCER: You’ve made bumping uglies its own art form, and the world thanks you for it. Be inventive and creative now, and you’ll outdo your previous efforts by a country mile. For a good fit, you’d do well to find yourself a Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, or Pisces this month. 

LEO: You are one of the more sexual signs this month, and the more outrageous and creative, the better. Ever read the Kama Sutra? Let this be your guide and work your way through every position. If it can be shown in a diagram, then you can recreate it. It’s your secret talent! 

VIRGO: You are the sex toy expert, and you’re ready to increase your pleasure and double your fun this month. Being also quite practical, you’ve probably got your toybox inventoried and sorted by size, texture, and level of enjoyment. Just don’t forget that your partner wants to play, too. 

LIBRA: There’s not a lot you can be taught in the bedroom, as you’ve probably done it all. But there’s a line of people waiting to learn from you, so don’t keep it to yourself! You’re best with a water sign this month: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Keep it light, fun, and sexy. 

SCORPIO: There’s a reason BDSM keeps coming up for your sign, because you like your pleasure with a little sting to it. Anything with a little danger, forbidden, or outside your realm of experience intrigues you. You’ll enjoy other water signs this month, because they’re both up to it and into it. 

SAGITTARIUS: You might prefer to enjoy your sexual exploits outdoors this time of year, because you like it hot and sweaty. And you are one with nature, especially during a full moon. Having illicit fun in places you “probably shouldn’t” only raises the stakes. Air signs will give you the most bang for your buck. 

CAPRICORN: You enjoy exercising your patience and self-restraint, which is no fun at all, unless it’s delaying gratification. That can be both hot and sexy. Have your partner tease you mercilessly throughout the day so the payoff is huge. Anyone with a big personality (like Aries) will do nicely.