Jan. 21-Feb. 19

People are attracted to your energy, lending you a healthy mix of reliability and intrigue. You could be swayed towards relinquishing a little of your control with partners. You may want to toy with the idea of submission or experiment with light rope-play as a direct opposition for your need for independence.



Feb. 20-Mar. 20

You often work to balance the happiness of others. Consider how you can better serve yourself this month instead. It’s important to remember that your desires and emotions matter — are you being taken care of and acknowledged? This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.



MAR. 21-APR. 20

Pay attention to who re-enters your circle this month, as it’s possible for old flames to pop up. You’re attracting all kinds of interest. Enhance this energy by treating yourself to something sexy that makes you feel unstoppable. Invest in updating your collection of sex toys and how to use them.



APR. 21-MAY. 21

You’re exuding all kinds of quiet confidence and mystery to those who come into your circle. You always work hard, but you need to make time for play. You could find yourself attracted to people who want to dominate you, allowing you to use your power differently.



May. 22-June. 21

You are attracted to people who aren’t afraid to take the lead, and even dating older, more experienced partners. It’s easy for you to be clear about what you want. Experiment with foreplay. Revitalize your routine and find out what works. Consider how you can create more excitement leading up to the main attraction.



June. 22-July. 22

Take your sexual experiences to the next level by sharing your fantasies and desires with your partners. Just remember, you can’t connect on any meaningful level if you constantly keep your guard up. Embrace your vulnerable side. Allow yourself to consider new ideas and take the lead.



July. 23-Aug. 21

Your sexual prowess is at an all-time high, helping you bring a sense of authority to the bedroom. Be completely clear before engaging intimately. You’re ready to embrace a new sexual attitude. Build up the tension by flirting with your partner and be open to some pleasant surprises.



Aug. 22-Sept. 23

You’re in the mood to get romantic, allowing you to play with escapist fantasies. Explore what turns you on. Remember, your brain is your most powerful sex organ. It may feel more challenging to get the ball rolling, so be sure to rest and recharge as needed.



Sept. 24-Oct. 23

You exude natural confidence and are associated with all things beautiful and loving. You’re ready to turn up the heat sexually. It’s time to demand a little extra care and attention. It’s also a good time to take a step back and consider if your needs are being met. Make sure you get what you need from your partners.



Oct. 24-Nov. 22

You command respect in the bedroom, lending you an air of control and mystery. Your self-assured nature is partially due to your awareness of your sexual prowess. You may attract admirers from your professional network. Make sure that you’re not crossing any boundaries that you can’t come back from.



Nov. 23-Dec. 22

You’re attracted to people who can keep up with your quick pace. The key to managing this energy is making time for rest. Allow yourself to enjoy stillness and solo play throughout the month. Use this period to listen to your needs and make time for self-pleasure.



Dec. 23-Jan. 20

Are you looking for the best nights to get busy? Planetary energy inspires you to test new positions and sex toys. Make sure you’re being clear about your expectations from sexual partners. This allows you to think more proactively about your sensual side.