AQUARIUS: You are in the spotlight this month, as people all around you seem to be falling in love with  you. Enjoy the attention and make yourself available to dates and romance. By mid-month, those who professed their undying love may disappear suddenly. You’re at your most charming now. 

PISCES: Though this is the season of romance, you may be feeling unromantic. No big deal. Spending time alone could be exactly what you need now. Just don’t let the fire in your heart go out. Mid-month, you start looking for romance once more, feeling rested and ready.

ARIES: This month is full of the unexpected and you’re encouraged to wallow in it to your heart’s content. Just don’t get too caught up in the fantasy. You demand authenticity in equal measure. Your fiery nature leads the way and results in big payoffs.

TAURUS: You’re not much for drama, but this month you find yourself squarely in the crosshairs of someone’s gossipy anger. At the same time, you’ll discover a new, unconventional partner that really triggers your sexy imagination. It’s time to try something new and exciting instead of the same-ol’/same-ol’. 

GEMINI: You’re the only person who can fix “boring.” And since you’re bored with things right now, you may find that you go out and bed the first person you come into contact with. This partner will be well outside your usual type, and that in itself is intriguing. Explore your many options in new ways. 

CANCER: You’ve got romance on your mind, and a casual fling may turn into something much more than anticipated. Keep your mind open and remind yourself that this might very well be the person you’ve been looking for! Planetary energy brings the two of you close, and that’s just where you want to be. 

LEO: Actress and comedian Lucille Ball was a Leo, and this month you may feel like you’re starring in an episode of “I Love Lucy.” A chance meeting with someone on the periphery may surprise you into taking a closer look. Go ahead and invest in that romance and you’ll find they are the person you’ve been looking for all along.

VIRGO: Brrr! Is there a chill in here or is it just you? The month starts out with you in cold storage and wondering why. The planets are urging you to reconsider your love life this year. Take emotional inventory and figure out next steps. 

LIBRA: It’s past time that you stopped following the so-called rules of romance and forge a path of your own. Let your freak flag fly high and proud and you’ll attract the people you most want in your life. Flirt like there’s no tomorrow.  

SCORPIO: While you’re usually deeply sexual, this month you’re feeling more like staying home pampering yourself in ways that make you feel good. Invite a partner to a home-cooked dinner, or a night building pillow forts, or just watching a beloved movie. Sex doesn’t always have to be the goal. 

SAGITTARIUS: Dating in the current environment is tricky, but you’re up to the challenge. You’re tuned in to the language of love this month and potential partners flock to you. Win them over by expressing yourself in a unique way. Be creative and reap the rewards. 

CAPRICORN: Rather than focusing on the dating aspects of your love life, it may be time to work on improving yourself. Personal energy is cyclical, and you’ll find that taking a break from dating and romance enhances your self-esteem, and your confidence. All work and no play can make your love life a drag.