Our monthly predictions for what your horoscope will look like in the bedroom, bar or online chat room depending on your preference. 

You may feel the effects of summer dwindling away this month, asking you to look at your insecurities in the bedroom. Just be kind to yourself now. There are planetary influences that may put you off your game temporarily. Mid-month, everything shifts in your favor and you can go ahead with your bad-ass self. 


You like things spicy, the hotter the better. But it’s up to you to step outside your comfort zone. Perhaps a lusty game of Truth or Dare or Strip Bingo are in order. You have a deep connection to your lover and it’s time to trust them. Keep your criticisms to yourself. No one’s got time for that.


Your sex appeal is so extra right now, you’ll be flexin’ all over the competition. No FOMO for you! You might have to install a number counter over your bed to keep up with it all. As long as it keeps you from getting bored. And your dislike of boredom is legendary. If you overdo it, though, you’ll regret it sooner rather than later. 


Your pursuit of happiness demands that you be flexible this month. Keep an open mind, especially during the full moon as September begins, and you’ll earn the pleasure you so avidly seek. If you snooze on decisions, you’ll lose. Be assertive even if it means that you let your crabby side show. 


Indecision works against you this month, so make up your mind and stick to it. Also, pay close attention to who it is you want to hook up with, as they might not be all they seem on the surface. Their actions will speak much louder than their words, so watch closely. Intimate connections make the sex all that much better.


As we draw near the end of summer, you have incredible opportunities for a hot connection with somebody you’ve had your eye on. Just don’t bring up the word “commitment” with this person yet. Not everyone is as fixated on a long-term relationship as you are. You can be super-intense with your goals, but exercise moderation this month.  


Someone special has captured your attention and you’re falling fast. Now’s not the time to play hard to get. Besides, a good smash session speaks louder than words. There’s a lull mid-month due to planetary influences, so take time out to check in with your emotions. Then your birthday month kicks off on the 23rd and you’ll want to be well-rested and ready to rumble. 


Erotic fantasies are your forte. Make those dreams a reality by sharing them with your lovers. Use your seductive charms wisely and you’ll find more satisfaction than you could have imagined. People are vibing with you like never before and you’re tempted to burn the proverbial candle at both ends. Be sure to take care of yourself so you don’t flame out too soon. 


Sex is an adventure for you this month, with hotties lining up at your bedroom door. Intimacy is an opportunity for discovery, intellectual expansion, and thrill-seeking, and you are more than ready. Let your playful side come out. Role play to heighten pleasure. You’re irresistible even on your worst days, so don’t turn suitors away just because. 


You approach sex with determination and dedication, pretty much how you approach everything. You’re at your best when you’re relaxed and in charge. You like stepping outside your comfort zone now, and this is the perfect time to try some kinky role-playing. Free yourself mentally and let the good times roll.


You are totally off your rocker, and for you, it’s one of your most attractive traits. Don’t hold back now. The word “vanilla” isn’t even in your vocabulary. You seek out unconventional lovers, and unconventional sex. Practice with some of those sex toys you’ve been meaning to try out. 

You’re in the mood for magic! Get involved in a hot sexting session or mutual masturbation with someone you met online. As one of the more spiritual signs in the zodiac, you also want to treat your body like the temple it is. By month’s end, you’re feeling super sexy and ready for fun!