Many studies have found there’s a tragic disconnect between women and their partners when it comes to making her cum. Most ladies are guilty of staging an orgasm more fake than Obama’s birth certificate. But most of her partners believe it’s never happened to them. 

Faking is most common at the start of relationships, when women don’t feel comfortable taking their time or giving directions. And once they start acting like that vigorous tongue-punching, finger-blasting, or jackhammering can hit the jackpot, it’s a tough rut to get out of. Telling the truth or taking extra time to achieve climax could hurt her partner’s confidence. Ladies will go to extreme lengths to avoid bruising their lover’s ego — they’ll suck a small dick and pretend to choke and gag, just to be nice. 

The simple solution is that you’ve gotta sit her down and ask her if she’s finishing. Assure her you’re open to advice about things you could be doing better or differently. Pretending might have served you well in the past, like faking a jellyfish sting so someone would pee on you. But now it’s time for the truth. It’s her turn for a golden shower of genuine pleasure.

5 signs she’s faking it;

You asked 100 times if she came
She didn’t — she just wanted to shut you up. 

She can speak in coherent sentences
A woman close to climax can only speak in tongues.

She’s begging you to go faster
No girl approaching orgasm is telling you to hurry along.

Her breathing is even
She’d be panting more erratically than a hobo on PCP.

Your chin is dry
It should be dripping pussy juice.