There are a few universal rules to a satisfying make-out. Keep your lips moisturized and make sure your breath doesn’t smell like you’ve just eaten ass. Most people tilt their head to the right when going in for a kiss, so lean right to avoid a forehead collision. Use your hands to stimulate other parts of their body, such as holding their face, running your hands through their hair, or pulling them closer. Start slowly, gradually introducing more tongue and intensity.

I believe there’s no such thing as a bad kisser — just people who have different kissing styles. The best kissers pay close attention to their partner’s responses and conform to their style. You may be able to follow their lead or you may have to take the reins and show / tell them what you want. Exchanging feedback is crucial — it’s why frenching your roommate’s mouth-shaped Fleshlight will only get you so far. When you’re receptive and adaptive to your partner, your styles will begin to align and your kiss will feel as satisfying as ejaculating at the apex of a cartwheel.