So you’ve grown bored of stationary blow jobs that lack the risk of annihilating those assholes riding Lime scooters in the road. The first step to a more fast-paced fellatio experience is making sure your partner can multitask. As a trial run, give him a blow job at a time that requires him to sustain attention, such as during a work Zoom meeting or while he’s FaceTiming with his family, and monitor his ability to maintain focus on the task at hand. If he can pass the test of climaxing while maintaining eye contact with his boss and/or mother, he’s ready for the road. 

Next, make sure you have the right sized center console. The bigger the console, the more you’re straining your neck and bruising your rib cage to position your face over his crotch. It also puts you off-balance, making you more likely to choke or snag your teeth on his foreskin if he hits a bump in the road. Getting on your knees could help you navigate around this obstacle and earn you extra exhibitionist points for displaying your ass to passerbys. Since your bobbing head tends to get in the way of his arms turning the steering wheel, driving down a straight road like a highway is ideal.

Most importantly, tease him before getting started. You want to minimize the amount of time your mouth is on his manhood by stroking him with your hands, talking dirty, or flashing your left tit (his favorite one). Avoid the temptation to press on his legs to support your own weight. Consider pulling over when his legs start to spasm because he’s close to reaching destination ejaculation, and remember that failure to swallow is a safety hazard. Now you’re finally on your way to that 5-star Uber rating.