Sex toys and solo-play has really come a long way. The days of horny teenage-angst while trying to decipher nipples and D’s on the forbidden late-night, black and white pixelated T.V. channels because our parents didn’t pay for “Skinemax” a.k.a. Cinemax, while double-clicking the mouse,  have given way to a slew of streaming porn services and every sex toy you can imagine. Kids these days will never know the struggle of getting the water temperature and pressure just right on your showerhead or having sweet-dreams after humping it out on your favorite pillow after your parents went to bed. Come on, yall…If you know, you know.

I remember when I bought my first sex-toy. I was a young 20-something year old and saw “The Rabbit” at a Passion Party with my girlfriends. The hostess demonstrated the bright-pink dual vibrating rabbit ears, spinning beads at the base, and five different vibration speeds for a proper sendoff to the big “O”. I may have looked cool and calm on the outside while handing over my credit card, but on the inside, I was twelve kinds of hot and bothered and I just knew my solo-sex play was about to seriously level-up. (Spoiler Alert: It did!). 

The evolution of sex-toys has erected pleasure standards that continue to be surpassed by the next new thing. From mini pocket vibrators, to glass shlongs, to suction-cup dildos, to rabbit-ear vibrators…the variety in sex toys and solo play continues to give rise to orgasms that are faster, stronger, harder. make us cry. The Rabbit may have been rocking our solo-play worlds for much of our younger adult lives, but as the old adage goes, all good things must cum to an end and with that, a new hero has landed in many of our secret, sex-toy drawers; the rose.

The rose sex toy is a flower shaped, vibrating, sucking, clitoral stimulating, sex toy (although it can be used anywhere on the body). Depending on the company you purchase it from, there are a few different variations and colors of the rose. It is made of smooth, medical-grade silicone, so it’s intimate-area-friendly. 

The new-age, air stimulating design of the rose is where the magic happens. The flower petals latch onto the body (i.e. the clitoris) and use varying speeds and modes of air suction and vibration similar to vaginal oral sex, to deliver soul-snatching orgasms that send its users to the light and back. 

The cult-like following of the rose sex toy is impressive and the online reviews are loud, proud, and did not disappoint: “This toy made me see the light.” “I was SHOT into outer space and touched the stars.” “I literally rode the rainbow.” “The sound on this toy is so discreet that the only thing I could hear were my own moans as I floated above my body.” 

During a phone interview, 34-year-old, Priss Serrano of Houston, Texas, further explained the magical allure of this sex toy. 

“I have like four different toys and this is one of my favorites. It focuses on the clit and you can add a little KY Warming lube for a little extra pizazz. It takes me like a minute. People make fun of men for being quick, minute-men, but I’m a minute-woman now.” 

Priss further explained that the focus on her clitoris is what takes her to the edge and back so quickly.

“If you can’t get fucked, this rose will suck, and it really makes you bloom.” Touché on the word-play, Priss!

I really haven’t discovered a downside to this sex toy yet and it seems that fellow users of the rose have no qualms about sharing their affection for this toy. Perhaps, giving flowers isn’t an outdated gesture of adoration, after all. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to show her you love her, buy her a rose.