Bartenders, you can’t live with them and you can’t drink without them.

Bartenders, you can’t live with them and you can’t drink without them. They separate us from our sweet nectar of life and as our motor-skills and rational thinking become more fleeting with each Fireball shot, sometimes, we think they are out to ruin us — at least that’s the case for one drunk individual.

A man in Northern Idaho found himself in deep shit over the weekend after he called 911 more than a dozen times to report that something so horrible, so egregious occurred that they needed to respond right away: he was overcharged on his bar bill.

Sadly, 911 is probably the worst number to drunk dial and the man now faces a $1,000 fine and a year in jail for calling without an emergency. 

According to the Post Falls, Idaho police chief, Phillip Poissonnier received a ride home from a police officer after he was kicked out of Club Tequila for being intoxicated. Once home, Phillip made the drunk-logic observation that he’d been overcharged on his bar tab and preceded to make 12 emergency calls requesting that police come back to his house to talk about the check. Here is what the police report had to say: 

The calls allegedly made by Poissonier show a number of times he hung up on dispatchers. Other times he called and held the phone up to the radio and at one point even compared dispatchers to his "ex wife". In total, reports show they received twelve calls within an hour.

"That prevents us from doing our job," says Knight. "At one point we had officers working on a prowler call, and they're being told this guy has been calling."

You never want to interrupt a prowler call you bastard. The bartender eventually produced evidence showing that he did indeed correctly charge Poissonnier $30 for 10 beers. 

Case is closed! Although the case as to why there’s a bar in Post Falls, Idaho called “Club Tequila” remains open… and the prowler case as well.