It’s been a fascinating social experiment, watching how the pandemic transformed romantic relationships. During lockdown, tons of couples jumped headfirst into lifelong commitments — 
getting engaged, getting pregnant, buying a house or an air fryer. The pandemic spurred young adults into action by prompting existential questions like, “Where do I want to live? Who do I want to live with? Is it possible to get the crispy texture of fried food without all the oil?”

Lockdowns created a cuffing season on steroids, and even people who entered 2020 content to live the single life started scrambling to couple up. The pandemic pushed new couples to hit relationship milestones quickly, like committing to exclusivity, moving in together, and letting them cum on your face. But many partners are beginning to worry if their warp-speed relationships are built to last. Playing house was a natural choice when dating around was impossible, but can this domestic bliss last as vaccines roll out and lockdowns lift? It depends on your perspective. 

You might feel like you slipped into a relationship with your partner by default rather than by active choice. When every way out was thwarted by lack of alternatives, financial hardship, limited mobility, the challenge of moving out, and/or hopelessly entangled lives, partners begin to feel trapped. You may be desperately waiting for the right time to escape, like you’re hiding in the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit until your boner subsides. 

Or, maybe quarantine already weeded out the relationships that couldn’t survive. It allowed you to grow deeply connected to your partner in a shorter span of time. Coping with the pandemic’s challenges together may have revealed a meaningful compatibility that reinforces your decision to commit. And if so, congratulations for finding something beautiful in the wreckage of this shitstorm.