Put. The Hitachi. Down.

Although women are blessed with the divine biological ability to have multiple orgasms, only 47 percent of females have had them.

In a recent study that tried to figure out why that is, researchers at the University of Indiana asked women who've have multiple orgasms exactly how they do it.

Their secret method? Dialing back clitoral stimulation after their first climax.

After the primary orgasm, many women experience oversensitivity in their clits, much like how men experience delicate penis syndrome after sex. Continuing to stimulate it at the same speed and pressure can often hurt or feel like "too much," robbing said lady of a second go-around. However, since the majority (75 percent) of women need clitoral simulation to come at all, they feel they can't do it again because it's too uncomfortable.

This is where you come in.

If you want to help her increase her chances of coming again, your best bet is via clitorial stimulation (again). The trick is to back off a bit, using lighter pressure and slower speeds, a technique most women in the study said works for them.

You can also use a technique the researchers call "layering," which involves stimulating her clitoris through the hood that covers it, or through the top of her labia, rather than touching it directly.

Or, rather than continuing on with the clit, you can always try to stimulate her G-spot or any one of her other erogenous zones while her clit recharges.

Most importantly, remember to keep her wet and aroused if you're aiming for multiple orgasms. Ain't no shame in using a little lube; there's nothing worse as a chick than being on the brink of orgasm but stopping short because dry friction feels like a sandpaper douche.

However, it's important to note that this trick isn't a one-size-fits-all fix. As with most things that relate to female sexuality, you'll have to tailor the technique to her unique needs. It may be that she doesn't come from clitoral stimulation at all. It may be that she only wants you to use this trick with your tongue when you're going down on her. Or it may be that it only works for her when she's masturbating. You just don't really know.

The best thing to do is try it out, talk to her about it, then customize how you use it so it's the most pleasurable for her.

Great job!