Oh Japan … you so crazy. And horny. 

As you can imagine, this post gets NSFW in a hurry. 

Japan, it would seem, is currently on the forefront of "sex with robots" technology. So of course they'd be the first to build a full-body, virtual reality suit where you can squeeze plastic things and get humped by a cyborg.

The suit sends “impulses all over the wearer’s body to make it feel like another human being is touching them,” according to ir.net. The device was created for use with Illusion’s Oculus game “Sexy Beach,” which lets players customize female avatars and have sex with them in virtual reality, while being stimulated to orgasm in actual reality. The suit costs $400 and is already sold out.

“I think in the future, the virtual real will become more real than actual real sex,” Tenga CEO Tsuneki Sato tells Motherboard.

It looks like women are slowly being phased out of male culture in Japan, so we're not really sure how the population won't reach 0 in about 50 years. Kinda sad, but putting on your electric bonin'-suit sure is easier than talking to girls …

And even though you didn't need it, here's a short video of the suit in action:

They can build sex suits but still haven't figured out how to upload videos larger than 360p to YouTube? God bless you, Japan.