Women know what they want, so why not have a real woman help? 

So let's say you're like 90 percent of dudes out there and you rank somewhere between "fat Johan Hill" and "Peyton Manning being tackled" in the ol' handsome department. A looks-based dating website like Tinder is a pretty rough place to operate, huh? And if superficial bitches aren't gonna read the funny quotes you've written, you're never gonna hook up. It's hard out there for ugly dudes. 

Thankfully, salvation has arrived. For the cost of a large Papa John's pizza, two smart and attractive women will audit your profiles, telling you exactly what you're doing wrong and help you actually score some dates. 

Their pitch sounds pretty convincing:

Been swiping endlessly on Tinder and Bumble but getting nowhere?

90% of the time women swipe left not because you're ugly – but because your bio and picture selection sucks. We're here to help with that.

It's honest. We like that. It's a project started by these two ladies:

And they promise to get you more action, guaranteed. For a quick $20, they'll overhaul everything listed below. 

C'mon. You've spent more than that on shots of Fireball, and that only ended in sadness. This could potentially end in meeting the love of your life, so it seems like money well spent.