Do you stack up? We sure do. Don't make us prove it, but we do. For sure. Probably. 

It's the perfect way to find out what ladies are actually looking for in a dude's downstairs. Just like finding your true passion by asking, "What would you do tomorrow if you won the Powerball?" reseachers asked 75 women what they'd like in the bedroom if they won the penis lottery. 

Thanks to the hardworking weiner scientists, the recently published "Women's Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models" over at PLOS one has finally given us some insight into what women want. 

To perform the study, sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause and her team generated a matrix of 100 different erect penises with varying lengths and circumferences but eventually narrowed them down to 33 options, reasoning that “such a large choice set could overwhelm participants.” These 33 representative choices were then 3D-printed in blue plastic “to minimize racial skin-color cues” and sorted into baskets from which 75 women selected an ideal penis for both a long-term partner and a one-night stand.

And here's sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause, who worked the lead on the study. Rawr. 

Anyway, after a lot of long, hard nights in the office, the results are in: women prefer a penis that’s about 6.3 inches in length and 4.8 inches around for a LTR, and 6.4 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference if they’re choosing some rando for a one night stand.

“Human penises evolved to be unusually long and thick, consistent with our findings about women’s preferences,” Dr. Geoffrey Miller wrote in a press release accompanying the study. “Yet a man’s intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, and other mental traits are also extremely important to women.”

And given that the average dinger is 5.17 inches long and 4.59 inches around, most dudes are almost there anyway. And our stunning personalities can make up for any shortcomings? Perfect. We're golden.