In June, the House of Representative unanimously passed a bill to ban child sex robots. The bill is now on its way to the Senate, where it’s highly unlikely any senator will stand to defend pedophiles’ right to diddle a prepubescent sex doll.

However, the law won’t make American children any safer, says certified sex therapist Dr. Marty Klein. Quite the contrary, the government’s attempt to control our sexual fantasies will likely hurt far more people than it helps.

“This is the latest version of the government freaking out about the realities of the human sexual imagination and trying to put boundaries on it. It doesn't work, and if you do it the wrong way, it can make life miserable for lot of people,” Klein tells Rooster Magazine.

The bill, called the “Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots,” or CREEPER Act, aims to outlaw the importation and transportation of sex dolls that look like children. Fueled more by emotion than science, the CREEPER Act is chock-full of “facts” that have zero evidence to support them.

For example, the law claims these dolls normalize sex with children, teach rapists how to fight off resistance, and cause actual rape. From the bill:

The dolls and robots not only lead to rape, but they make rape easier by teaching the rapist about how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim.

For users and children exposed to their use, the dolls and robots normalize submissiveness and normalize sex between adults and minors.

The dolls and robots are intrinsically related to abuse of minors, and they cause the exploitation, objectification, abuse, and rape of minors.

“Science does not know if these dolls validate people’s interest in children and make them more likely to have sex with children,” says Klein. “But science does know, on a macro level, in countries where more child porn is available, the amount of child sexual abuse goes down.”

Rather than titillate pedophiles into acting on their urges, child dolls and child porn can act as a substitute for sex crimes against children, the research finds. This finding was true in the United States — as well as everywhere else studied — Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sweden.

“We also know that a substantial number of people who consume child porn never ever ever touch a child. Not 100 percent, but a substantial number of people don't want to touch a child and are at no risk of doing so,” Klein continues. “We have no reason to think any differently if they were getting their fix from a child sex doll.”

Most importantly, our sexual fantasies are not a reflection of what we want in real life. As a prime example, ladies love porn with violence against women. “Forced,” “rape” and “gangbang” are some of women’s most popular search terms, but that doesn’t mean a woman would ever truly want a dozen sweaty dicks pounding all of her orifices.

However, lawmakers weren’t interested in discussing multiple sides of a complex issue.

“This isn’t about making children safe,” Klein adds. “It’s about making politicians safe. They get to say ‘I voted against the interests of the average American family, but at least I prevented child molestation.’”

The CREEPER Act is another governmental attempt to control our sexual behavior and sexual thoughts. But our erotic imagination doesn’t give a damn about political correctness. We will always have sick and twisted sex fantasies, and any attempt to govern them will inevitably be doomed to fail.