What's that horrible smell? Is it romance? Love in the air? No. It's something even better. It's poop. Because you're on a Toilet Date, and you're taking a tour of London's restrooms and many free public restrooms with your future main squeeze.

British Dating site DoSomething.com has partnered with London Loo Tours to create a one-of-a-kind dating experience for people who aren't satisfied with merely getting to know someone while not looking at poop. Toilet Dating, it's called.

Toilet Dating combines a singles night with a pub crawl and a sightseeing tour of the London's most interesting bathrooms, Huffington Post reports. Poop-daters who sign up will learn about the history of toilets from the Roman times all the way up to right this very second in history, as well as about where are the best free restrooms in London are. Ah,the ultimate expression of romance (said no one ever). To quote a saying we just made up, "The couple that poops together, stays together."

The creator of DoSomething, Matt Janes, was delightfully tongue-and-cheek about it. Said he,

Nothing would be more awkward than having a first date in a toilet… until now…We’ve given the London loo scene the ultimate DoingSomething.co.uk makeover and are encouraging Londoners to not be down in the dumps and try this new dating experience.

Sounds like a shitshow. After reading about Toilet Dating, we wondered, "Is there a weirder dating site than this?" Yes us. Yes there is. Look:

1. The Ugly Ball

Dating for the self-proclaimed "aesthetically average."

2. Invest in Breasts

A site where loaded boob men can donate money to women on the site for breast implants, then hope that they get to see those titties in real life one day.

3. Singles With Food Allergies

Who cares if someone is honest, funny, smart, great in bed, or caring if they eat tree nuts? Tree nuts give you gas.

4. Diaper Mates

The #1 dating site for adult babies and diaper aficionados. OH BABY! (Sorry, we had to).

5. Mullet Passions

The name says it all. You can browse members by mullet style too; classic, spiky, or 'mudflap.'

6. Sea Captain Date

If you love the smell of fish and like a white-haired man in uniform, go here to hook yourself a seafaring man.