Lately I’ve been spending far more time looking for the right porn video than I spend actually masturbating. Why can’t I find porn that’s good enough to bring me to climax?

Do you also spend more time cooking than eating? Sure you do, because you have standards. You don’t want to eat whatever slop you can toss together in 10 minutes, and you don’t want to splooge to the grotesque spectacle of a couple bridge trolls bumping uglies. 

Your problem is not unique — it’s the consequence of fundamental human programming. There’s a documented phenomenon called the Coolidge Effect that motivates humans to cum endlessly as long as we’re presented with new sexually receptive (DTF) partners. As an illustration, when a male rat is dropped into a cage with a horny female rat, they hump vigorously until the male tires and loses interest. The only way to revive the male rat is to drop in a fresh female, at which point he’ll valiantly overcome his post-orgasm lethargy to mount his new conquest. You can repeat this process with fresh females until he dies of exhaustion. The same phenomenon has been observed in females, too. 

Humans have the same neurological system that rewards sexual novelty by flooding our brains with dopamine. We perceive each new erotic possibility, including those on our screens, as a valuable genetic opportunity to spread our seed. 

Break free from this psychosexual hamster wheel by ditching corrupt tube sites like Xvideos or PornHub to explore the wide world of smut alternatives. Women often find erotic literature intensely satisfying because it allows them to incoporate their imagination. Men can say the same of audio porn — particularly the popular category of “jerk-off instruction,” which is essentially guided masturbation. Or, follow and support the work of professional and amateur models on Instagram, OnlyFans, or countless NSFW Reddit communities. In time, your “tolerance” to standard internet porn will subside, and you’ll stop leading the life of a desperately horny rodent doomed to death by ejaculation.