Except for the fact that it looks like a terrifying leech, we love it. 

Would you rather shovel the sidewalk than deliver tender kisses to your woman's lady flower? Well, science has heard your pleas and decided to help out. 

Ladies everywhere will rejoice with the launch of the Fiera, the first hand-held rug-munching robot. 

And to prove that it's not just a filthy sex toy, here's someone in a lab coat posing with the Fiera:

That totally proves it's legit. Their big approach is to market it as a love-making tool designed for couples who have trouble lighting the fires of love. It's a "Foreplay Simulator," not just a sex toy. Probably no one will pour themselves a massive glass of merlot, crack open their battered copy of "50 Shades of Grey" and suction-cup this little monster to their swimsuit area. No one. If you need to see it in action, you can check it out here:

It's hands-free, and has a rechargeable battery, but the one potential drawback is the price: $250. That's a hell of a lot of scratch for something a loving love partner should do for free, but that's just like our opinion. 

And just imagine the opposite scenario. You ask your lovely lady for some fellatio, and she pulls out a mechanized suck-robot, plugs you in and goes back to reading "Us Weekly." That's cold. Ice cold.