Want sexual enlightenment, but only have time for a quickie? Every week, we recap the most interesting sex headlines from around the world.

1. U.S. Senate passes SESTA, a controversial 'anti-sex trafficking' bill that will likely cause serious harm to sex workers.

2. Craigslist is shutting down its personals section due to SESTA, an anti-online sex trafficking bill that passed in the Senate.

3. Stormy Daniel’s lawyer posts cryptic picture of mystery disc in a safe, with the caption: If “a picture is worth a thousand words," how many words is this worth????? He appeared to suggest that the disc could contain photographic or video evidence of Daniels' alleged affair with the president.

4. Restricted by YouTube, gun enthusiasts are taking their videos to Pornhub. 

5. Promising male birth control pill is safe and effective, researchers say.

6. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court began hearing the case against crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life operations that often disguise themselves as abortion clinics.

7. Feminists and left-wing activists begin battle to shut down France’s first sex doll brothel.

8. New research finds marrying your first cousin isn’t that bad for your future children.

9. Essential oils may lead men to grow large breasts, study suggests.

10. A new set of studies finds that among the 15 factors that motivate people to have children, "instinct" tops the list.