Ever since its inception, the sex robot industry has completely neglected ladies’ needs for lovin’.

While dozens of sexbot companies sold countless silicon sweethearts to customers all over the world, women watched. While sex doll brothels filled with plastic prostitutes emerged overseas, women waited.

Now, women are done watching and waiting. Their turn to find pleasure in a mechanical lover has finally come, as Matt McMullen, CEO of companies RealDoll and RealBotix— the most prominent names in the sex doll and sex robot industry — announced that he’s getting ready to launch the world’s first artificially intelligent male sex dolls, complete with bionic penises.

Last year, RealBotix made waves after releasing Harmony, the world’s first artificially intelligent female sexbot. From the Harmony AI app, users could create a customizable personality for their plastic princess.

McMullen promised more advancements to come, particularly for Harmony’s body, such as skin warmth or a self-lubricating vagina. He also affirmed his intentions to create a male version, with nearly all the same bells and whistles.

Those realistic features, as explained on the RealBotix web site, make Harmony nearly indistinguishable from a flesh-and-blood fuckbuddy. She blinks for a lifelike presence, moves her mouth in sync with the exact sounds she speaks, makes a wide range of facial expressions, and is flexible enough to be placed in nearly any erotic position.

“She is a combination of the highest quality doll in the world with advanced robotic components, and is powered with the ultimate customizable AI to deliver the most enjoyable conversation and interaction you can have with a machine,” the site reads.

If women don’t want to wait around for sentient sex toys, there are alternatives available. RealDoll sells customizable male sex mannequins, with room for choice on skin tone, body type, facial hair, pubic hair and penis size, ranging from flaccid to extra large.

However, these erotic innovations have a number of scholars terrified of the threat sexbots pose for the future of love, sex and relationships — so much so that The Campaign Against Sex Robots was formed to ban the development of sexy cyborgs.

Whether they like it or not, the future of sex — bionic dicks and self-lubricating mechanical vaginas —  is coming fast, and it just might make human genitals obsolete.